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Spring Tonic Scarf Collection - the fabric

Beautiful by George’s scarves are made from 35% silk and 65% ECOVERO™. The scarf fabric is classed as an ‘Eco Satin’. ECOVERO™ is the new standard in eco-responsible viscose. The fibres are not only incredibly soft and breathable but also cool to wear like 100% silk.

By using ECOVERO™ in the scarf fabric, it means that these premium designer scarves are more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

ECOVERO™ is made from wood and pulp from renewable and controlled sources: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified in Europe, instead of bamboo or eucalyptus, which is commonly used in normal viscose production. These forests are sustainably managed. 

ECOVERO™ is manufactured in Austria by the company LENZING™. Supply chain transparency is made possible thanks to a sophisticated tracing system that allows customers to know the history of the fibre, from raw material to production, distribution, and disposal. This innovative fibre has been certified with the EU 'Ecolabel' for meeting high environmental standards.

The trees used for the fabric production are in forests near the LENZING™ manufacturing facilities; therefore, around 50% lower CO2 emissions are associated with transportation. It also has less impact on the water required than traditional viscose manufacturing.

This in turn means that scarves made from ‘Eco Satin’ have lower CO2 emissions, a target reflected in the Sustainability Statement of Beautiful by George. The scarves’ CO2 emissions are lowered even further by being printed in the UK and hemmed in the EU (as opposed to hemming in China, which commonly happens - as it is much more cost effective to do this as a business model (by up to 72%!) – it may be cheaper, but far worse on the environment).


Beautiful by George is committed to supporting manufacturing in the UK.

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