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colour matching paint ideas



"Sunset' is bold, upbeat, fiery and zesty all in one! Orange has a limited colour gamut when mixing so rather than compete with such a vibrant colourway it is better to enhance and compliment the background colour using neutrals or the split complimentary soft greens. 



Whiting is a very warm, white beige, off-white - great with the deeper off-whites too. On the colourwheel, Whiting presents as a related colour and a paler neighbour to the orange or orange/yellow colour group. 


Light Olive Green

This is a split complimentary colour to sunsets dark orange - but as the green is that much softer - it doesn't fight with Sunset. Light Olive Green is a grey-green, used to accentuate the stronger greens in the mural and it compliments the heat of the orange. It gives a real mediterranean vibe!


Fine White

This is a warm white often referred to as 'Magnolia'. It is a related colour to the orange and enhances the warm tones, whilst picking up on the fresh whites in the petals. 


Invisible Green

Invisible green is a very adaptable green that goes with every colourway, due to the foliage in the mural being mainly green. Its a verdant, refreshing, uplifting green.


Paris Grey

Paris Grey is not beige and its not grey. A lighter tone to French Grey and this would look lovely on woodwork too to compliment the mural. Its a very sophisticated colour and very flattering to the brightness of Sunset

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