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'Rosy Dawn '
colour match paint ideas

Rosy Dawn

Rosy Dawn took me a while to perfect. I really wanted a soft pale pink without a candy pinkness to it, so I worked with using more buff and yellow tones. It is a very pretty pink and sets a lovely warm, romantic light in the bedroom. 


Eau de Nile

A beautiful grey/green with a touch of yellow ochre that acts as related complimentary colour to the pink of Rosy Dawn. There is a timeless elegance to this colour and another sophisticated version of green with a touch of grey. 


Rose Tinted White

A gentle, delicate, reddy off-white with soft hints of yellow blush. The perfect paler backdrop to the mural. 


Invisible Green

A lovely reliable, solid green that goes beautifully with the pinks and would make a fabulous statement wall with Rosy Dawn. 


Duck Egg

Sometimes when you see Duck Egg it's a very strong mix of blue and green. This has been very subtly created with the use of a touch of grey. A delicate green/blue - light and lovely. A beautiful compliment to Rosy Dawn. 


Pearl Colour

Pearl colour is really hard to achieve as pearls are so iridescent and compliment whatever colour is around them. This is a lovely white, with a pale radiance that does just that. Little hints of pink and all sorts that enhances Rosy Dawn so well. 

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