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'High Noon ' Colour match paint ideas

High Noon

High Noon is that bright yellow sun that you get at midday in early Summer. Its a very warm, jolly, upbeat colourway and benefits from calm neutrals or vibrant complimentary or split complimentary colours on the colour wheel. High Noon will never fail to make you smile - even on the dullest days!



Turquoise is such a glorious happy colour that reminds us all holiday destinations and sunny days with crystal's also a prized stone used frequently in jewellery and silver/gold work and embellishments. It is a universally loved colour and has a vitality which is hard to beat. Turquoise lifts most complexions and does this in rooms too! With the jolly sunny yellow of 'High Noon' - this subtle but joyful Turquoise will give you a boost! Summers here - all year!


Stone White

Stone White is a beautiful, creamy, warm, neutral. A combination of the delicacy of pure white and the strong solidity of stone. This colour works really well supporting the darker hues in the red and green spectrum, which of course could be Spring Tonic's verdant foliage and dark red Yorkshire Fog Grasses. 


Invisible Green

One of my favourites and a fabulous 'related colour' to orange/yellow of High Noon. A solid, reliable green. I could definitely see one wall in Invisible Green at the end of a hallway with Spring Tonic, High Noon on one side!


Fine White

An utterly gorgeous neutral warm white, sometimes referred to as magnolia. It has gorgeous soft blush undertones and is a close neighbour on the colour wheel so a natural choice. It is very hard to see its loveliness on here - but it's rich and warm and just peachy! 

Pea Green

Bring the potager right in through the kitchen door and into your home! This delightful pea green makes me think of summery chilled soups sprinkled with edible flowers and spending endless days in the garden, with buzzing bees for company. Again, it is a related colour on the colour wheel and flatters the yellow of High Noon and of course nods its head like whispy grasses to the cow parsley and foxglove green foliage in the mural.

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