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'Midnight' colour match paint ideas



Midnight is a rich, dark, navy with elements of darkest grey mixed with the blue - making it a deep, luxurious navy. Looking at the colour wheel, it falls within the Blue-Violet colour range. Split complimentary colours and related colours can be used to create a real statement!



Pippin, like the apple is a yellow green. Any tones of yellow go beautifully with navy, being complimentary colours on the colour wheel. This green also nods towards the foliage and the gold in the mural wallcovering. 



This dusky pink with a hint of yellow to mellow out the pink, looks absolutely fabulous with Midnight. It goes beautifully with the foliage, whilst not being too much of a direct match. Its name is derived from the origins of the red woods imported in the 18th century. 


Invisible Green

This versatile green - goes with every colourway. It's fresh and verdant and blends with all the foliage beautifully.



This glorious tobacco yellow is a direct complimentary colour of navy and looks fabulous with Midnight. It also picks out all the yellow flower centres and gold tones in the mural. It gets its name apparently after the late Baroness Trumpington who liked a cigar post love-making! 


Pure White

Pure White is a clean crisp white - that contrasts fantastically with the navy of midnight. It also of course goes with the most of the petals in the mural. 

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