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Japanese Quince

'Japanese Quince ', A symphonic and symbolic mural collection.

Creating a crescendo of beauty and hope with meandering branches, delicate blossoms, swaying lanterns, fluttering garden birds and vibrant Japonaiserie ceramics, all enhanced by sumptuous, woven-effect backgrounds. The plant itself - Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles japonica), carries symbolic meanings of good luck, hope, prosperity, wisdom and overcoming adversity. The ancient art of Kintsugi (translates as ‘joining with gold’), shows us that even when broken, life can be repaired and be beautiful again. The lush Japanese 'painted ferns' and cool moss – symbols of renewal, resilience and the interconnection of all living things - revive and restore us. Lanterns offer light, hope and ward off evil. Birds soar high and frolic with freedom.  

Available in 7 stunning colourways:

Mori Green -  a dark velvety green. Mori means forest.

Amulet pearl - (seen right) a soft pearly cream, amulets are luck symbols.

Umi Turquoise - a vibrant teal/aqua - Umi means ocean. 

Sakura Blush - the prettiest of pinks, Sakura means Cherry Blossom.

Imperial Blue - a regal, rich, dark opulent Navy.Kintsugi

- a rich gold reminiscent of the gold used in Kintsugi.

Empress Ruby - a glorious, cranberry, intense red, fit for an Empress. 

Hand-painted in meticulous detail. Printed on a luxurious, thick, pearlescent, Mica paper (FSC certified) – incorporating recycled plastic bottles - make this collection not only durable and wipeable, but it helps keep plastic bottles from landfill. A percentage of profits is donated to  a charity that educates people about how to do self-examinations and early detection for signs of breast cancer. 

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