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I feel inspired when collaborating with like-minded people and brands. I love Edward Bulmer 's commitment for all things conservation, sustainable, eco and nature-based; Oliver Heath 's passion for creating healthy homes with Biophilic design and connecting people and places back with Nature and Lynsey Ford 's sensitive approach to sustainable design that is very client-focused for well-being in the home. If you are an Interior Designer or Maker and share my passion for sustainable and eco-friendly interiors then please get in touch.


Oliver Heath, Biophilic Designer

Oliver contacted me to use Spring Tonic 'Midnight' in his Healthy Home exhibit in Westfield, London. He wanted show how to use 'biophilic-inspired' wallcoverings where it was not possible to use plants.


Oliver said '“I was immediately drawn to Spring Tonic as it captures the colour, wildness, and diversity of healthy flourishing habitats – concepts that I love to bring into my Biophilic Design approach. ”

Photo Richard Hanson.

I have again collaborated recently with Oliver for 'Bio-Spaces: Regenerative, Resilient Futures', 19th April 2024 - 30th Sept 2024 at the Spring Tonic, 'The Small Hours' (Black) is shown as a way of bringing the outside in through design and mimicking a night time hedgerow to induce sweet dreams.


Lynsey Ford Designs - Designer and Winner of BBC Design Masters.

Lynsey's Client loves colour and Lynsey wanted to add a natural hedgerow effect along a lengthly curved corridor. Rather than papering the entire length (it was very  long...), Lynsey commissioned me to 'paint out' the design - right down to one single dandelion at the end!


Lynsey's client said; 'I chose to pick Spring Tonic because it suits my curved hallway. The actual paper is sumptuous and I was very lucky that George came and hand-painted the rest of the hall, gradually reducing the design. Incredible hand-painting. When I walk down the hall, it's like walking through a field of flowers, always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel happy. Thank you George, beautiful work, beautiful lady'.


She is a lovely lady - her words not mine!

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