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FeFeel it - for Art's sake 

After my own diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2022, I was shocked to learn that my cancer can affect women as young as 20. Whilst I was luckily picked up with my first mammogram, younger women are left more vulnerable. Therefore, self-examinations are crucial , indeed for women of any age. Self-examination is your first line of defence ladies (and men!).  

I deliberated for a long while on how I could best use my skills to not only raise awareness of this but also  provoke more action. 

Hence my monthly art giveaway 'Feel it - for Art's sake'. I ask my Instagram followers to do their monthly checks in return for the chance to win a piece of art. Each campaign announcement hopefully reminds them and by entering the giveaway each month I ask them to comment 'I've checked' and really mean it. I'm assuming that people are sensible and don't cheat themselves. 

This way I can keep people focused on keeping themselves safe and someone gets a beautiful piece of art each month. Please follow me and enter the giveaway on my Instagram page @beautifulbygeorge

First hair re-growth after chemo!

But it's hair none the less. 

Some of original paintings I have given away for my campaign.

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