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Japanese Quince Mural Wallcovering in Umi Turquoise

Close up of a Willow Tit in Japanese Quince, seen here in Umi Turquoise. Willow Tits are threatened and in decline in the UK. 

Georgette Sunderland painting a 3 panel screen

Welcome to my beautiful World!

Georgette Sunderland

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site, I appreciate your time. My name is George (I'm only 'Georgette' when I'm in trouble!) and I am the artist and owner of 'Beautiful by George'. I live in North Yorkshire with my husband Matt and old girl pup / Diva; Fudge. I have had many careers, but my most satisfying have been those of a professional eco gardener and an artist. 

I strive to surround myself and my customers with beauty. Nature is a constant and faithful muse and the inspiration behind all that I do. I hand-paint luxury, mural wallcoverings that are printed locally and sustainably in Lancashire, by Surface Print who have been mastering wallpaper for over 150 years.  As an eco gardener, (using chemical-free principles) I have a strong sense of how our actions can impact the eco-systems around us and I try to be mindful of this in every business decision I make. For example, my Spring Tonic Collection is printed on pioneering eco non-woven paper that is 100% PET plastic-free. Japanese Quince Collection is printed on Mica paper that uses recycled plastic bottles for its fibres. I am a proud signatory of (a pledge by the industry to operate sustainably and be accountable) and I enjoy collaborating with like-minded Interior Designers and Makers. 

I paint on end of roll factory paper (to avoid waste) with water-based Gouache and the last of my traditional Acrylics as I am trying to move mostly to Eco-Acrylics. 

If you would like to talk to me about my wallcoverings or mural/painting commissions or prints, please email on

George painting a 3 panel screen. Private commission.

Spring Tonic Mural Wallcovering in 'Twilight'

Part of one panel of Spring Tonic mural wallcovering, in 'Twilight' showing a hedgerow of dandelions, foxgloves, dog roses, cow parsley and Yorkshire fog grass.

Bolted Horesraddish by Georgette Sunderland

A giclee print of a painting in Gouache by George of bolted Horseradish from her garden.

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