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' was incredibly speedy delivery, amazing quality, a wonderful large print (rather than being just at the bottom half of the wall) and excellent customer service and follow up.'


lovely feedback from customer Amy Veried who purchased Spring Tonic in 'Sunset' (Orange)

'It's sublime. I feel like a little bug luxuriating amidst the beautiful, comforting, foliage of this wallpaper. My reading nook is transformed into a wonderland'. Ashley Ulm.

'We have high ceilings with quirky angles throughout our home and I felt it would be a shame not to do something creative and unique with them. I had an idea of a wildflower wallpaper or mural but had no clue how to go about realizing it. On the recommendation of a local decorator we got in contact with George to discuss what would be possible. The collaborative process with George was an easy going process that helped focus my ideas into an achievable mural. I knew George was going to create something beautiful but I couldn’t imagine just how stunning and detailed her work would be. At no point had I ever thought a wall would be my favorite thing in our home but here we are, I LOVE a wall.'Jessika Schwab (Commissioned bespoke hand-painted mural)

'It reminds me of childhood summers in the woods. I could get lost just gazing at it' Nicola Jones on first seeing 'Spring Tonic' Mural Wallcovering.

'The 'Morning Mist' wallcovering makes me so happy, it's behind my dressing table and I find myself getting lost in the beautiful detail, the colours are gorgeous and each separate leaf and flower is perfect. I especially love the dandelion seed heads, apparently called 'blowballs' and they look as though they could just float away' Yvonne Blake, who purchased 'Morning Mist', Spring Tonic.

'This is stunning, who wouldn't want to be in a room nestled in amongst the grassy flowers, lovely!' #britishcolourstandard

'We are absolutely delighted with the 'Spring Tonic' Midnight mural wallcovering which is now brightening the newly-refurbished Hall at Todmorden College. The design is beautiful - fresh and uplifting - and everyone who sees it comments on how lovely it is. Not only that, but having art on our walls that reflects our commitment to sustainability, and operating in the most environmentally-friendly way we can, is an added bonus. We are happy knowing that the mural has been produced by a local artist, is very much influenced by the local landscape and has been produced using natural materials.' Julie Thorpe, Centre Manager, Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub 

'Well, a few hours later, after the initial goose-pimples I got when Simon started putting it on, I remain thrilled. Not only has it transformed an otherwise lifeless, narrow corridor into what now appears a much wider space with the true WOW factor, but it gives me a big cuddle every time I look at it'. Jayne Mothersdale, who has 'Twilight' in her hallway. 

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