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'Morning Mist' 
colourmatch paint ideas

Morning Mist

Morning Mist is a pale grey with a hint of violet and red to keep the grey warm. As Black or shades of black (Grey) are not on a colour wheel, Claire has used the relevant underlying colours of red and violet to match to this delightful, calming and cool but fresh colourway. So the split complimentary and related colours work well. There is a fabulous strong colour suggestion here that you would think is contrasting but it's actually related. Real drama! 



Edward Bulmer refer to this as 'a soft underbelly beige' and I concur as its the colour of Fudge's tummy! A lovely beige that creates a warm stony hue. 



Not only do I adore the drama this rich colour creates but I just love the word 'Pomp'! This gorgeous, rich brown/purple/red is divine with Morning Mist - or certainly on a wall nearby wall with another of these shades. Its a historical colour that works beautifully as a framed picture backdrop too. I love the way it picks up on the dark reds of the Yorkshire Fog Grass and the veins in the cow parsley. Real drama!


Wash Stop

I am considering using this divine, elegant grey with hints of lavender and Pompadour (above) on my own landing. This grey is utterly gorgeous and very sophisticated, picking up on the red and blue tones in the grey of Morning Mist. 


Invisible Green

I love this reassuring green. It's a positive, upbeat green that is not too bright, but still strong and compliments all the foliage in Spring Tonic and indeed flatters each one of my colourways. I first designed Morning Mist, Spring Tonic with the grey/green combo in mind as I love the effect. It feels really dramatic and clean - really verdant.


Lilac Pink

Lilac pink is neither a lilac nor a pink. Its a very clever, versatile colour and appears different in alternative lighting/environments. It's a beautiful, soft neutral and picks up shades of whatever it is paired with. Very pretty indeed. 

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