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colour match paint ideas


'Twilight' is a warm, tranquil, earthy, natural colourway. It's important to work with complementary tones, related colours or warm contrasts on the colour wheel. 



Many of the grand London buildings are made from handsome Portland Stone. It's a magnificent off-white. Made only with earth and ore it is literally a first cousin to the true stone. This is a grown up neutral or can be used to offset deeper colours. Portland works well with the creamy undertones of the background and creamy petals.



This is a dramatic contrast to really warm things up! The 3 tones in the background of twilight are warm cream, warm grey and warm beige. So on the colourwheel it falls into the Orange Yellow/Orange group (see above). People have been firing clay to make bricks for a very long time. As the bricks mellow, a soft red colour is created. This Brick colour picks up on the warmth and turns it up a notch! It also highlights the bronze in the foliage. 


Spanish White

We used to live in Gibraltar and many weekends we used to drive over the Spanish border up into the mainland mountains to visit the 'white villages', so called, as every little house was painted bright white to reflect the hot Spanish sun. The white there was a clean, warm, bright white and this colour is perfect for accentuating the flowers and highlights in the mural. This brings back fond memories of rustic dishes and lazy wanderings. 


Invisible Green

This wonderful green that goes with every colourway. This is another way of achieving a dramatic contrast, but perfectly matched as it enhances the greens in the foliage. Invisible Green is named after a trend in the 19th Century to paint railings green so that they blended with the environment and became 'invisible'. A great way to enhance the 'earthiness' of Twilight.



The spicy warmth a clove gives to mulled wine is the warmth it has as a colour too. While still being a deep beige the earthy red oxide in the mix really wraps the colour round a space. Its a perfect, warm neutral paint colour with much warmth and depth. Clove is very effective at picking up on the golds within the foliage.

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