'Spring Tonic' exclusive mural wallcovering. Last picture shows 2 repeats (2 rolls together). Designed to give you a lift on dark gloomy days. Originally painted by hand by the artist Georgette Sunderland. Shown here, in the colourway 'Midnight', a rich dark blue. As with all intense dark background wallcoverings, it is recommended that the installer paints a strip of navy behind where each join is intended to prevent any show through. It is recommended strongly that a professional is used to install this dark colourway.

Spring Tonic in 'Midnight' (Rich dark blue)

  • THIS IS A PASTE THE WALL PRODUCT. This mural wallcovering comes as a panel set with 3 'panels' per roll which together make up the mural of 210cm across and 3.35cm tall. The flowers are just above or at headheight (depending how tall you are and how you hang the paper!). The design repeats after 210cm seamlessly to create a long meadow of uplifting and verdant foliage and flowers. This mural design was originally painted all by hand, no computer programme has been used to generate any of the leaves, stems or blooms. This sustainable, Eco Non Woven paper is printed at Surface Print who ensure all inks are classed as water-based, which means they are non-toxic and very low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). All paper and Non Woven substrates are sourced from FSC® certified forests. Surface Print continues this chain of custody dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests as they are also FSC certified. FSC certification number is SGSCH-COC-020053. Please purchase any quality light to medium paste to hang your mural. Please see 'how to hang your mural' page for advice.