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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many panels are on 1 roll?

A. There are 3 panels on 1 roll (these types of mural wallcoverings are often referred to as panel sets). Each panel is different and when hung correctly next to each other make up one big mural or picture. Each panel is 70cm wide and 335cm tall - you trim this to the height of your room. You can trim from the bottom or the top, but it seems a shame to cut off any design!



Q. How high do the flowers come to?

A. Obviously this depends on how much you trim off the bottom when hanging! But at design stage, the flowers varied but an overall height was measured at 213cm (about 7ft). 

Q. How soon will I get my mural wallcovering rolls?


This is a general outline and not a guarantee of timelines. Covid can have an impact on delivery times. Please bear with us, we aim to get you your purchase as soon as we can. 

A. If the rolls are in stock (there are availability notices on the SHOP page), we strive to get your rolls to you within 2-5 working days from ordering and payment. In the interests of reducing our carbon footprint at Beautiful by George, deliveries are arranged for every Monday afternoon and every Thursday afternoon. This of course depends on the size of order too, as large volumes of rolls will require special delivery arrangements. 

If you are pre-ordering (if the item has temporarily sold out, customers favoured one colourway and more rolls need to be printed) you can expect to have your rolls within 4 weeks. Current lead-times on printing are 3-4 weeks but this can change. We will let you know about any extensions to delivery times. 

Q. What paste do I use?

A. You can use a good quality light to medium paste to install your wallcovering. Never apply it direct to the paper. These wallcoverings are 'paste the wall' only. 

Q. How do I measure the wall / room?

A. We always advise calling in a professional wallcoverings installer/ decorator to measure up properly. They are experts in considering pattern repeats etc. and how this effects how many rolls you order. With this mural wallcovering, you need to measure the entire length of the wall horizontally first. Each mural is 210cm across in total. So if your wall measures 5.5 metres or 550cms - you will need to buy 3 murals (3 rolls) to cover the space. As this pattern spreads horizontally you only need to make sure you have the exact length along the wall and ensure that your ceiling heights do not measure more than about 325cm (leave 10cm for trimming). If your ceilings are taller - it is possible to print you a bespoke length so please get in contact. 

Q. What is cross-lining or horizontal lining?

A. We advise using a lining paper every time you install a wallcovering. The lining paper is hung the opposite way to your mural wallcovering. This is to ensure that no dark colours show through, or no rough surfaces on the wall spoil your wall covering. 

Q. Should I use a professional to install my wallcovering? 

A. The answer is probably yes. This mural wallcovering is a premium product. It is possible to install yourself, but experience tells us that professionals are the masters of installing something as special as a mural. I have put Spring Tonic up myself but Simon does a far more superior job! It makes a big difference. You will need to show them information on this website about ECO non-woven as this is a new to the market paper and it needs special care. It is generally known in the industry that you should expect to pay an installer/decorator roughly the same amount an hour that the wallcovering costs per square metre. i.e. Spring Tonic costs £27.72 per square metre so to install the mural, with 5-7 metres on each mural (taking into account room heights etc)  you should be thinking along the lines of £130-£190 for the job. This sort of price would not include all the wall prep and cross-lining first of course. 

Q. Can I clean an accidental mark or stain on the wallcovering?

A. ECO non-woven contains no PET plastic. It's a paper made from plant starch fibres (PLA). It is possible to gently, really gently dab paste off with a microfibre cloth. It's hard to comment on specific stains, but rigorous wiping will harm the wallcovering and probably remove the inks. We therefore do not recommend this wallcovering for high traffic areas or kitchens/bathrooms. Remember the Cashmere / Nylon analogy? You hand-wash your cashmere - you can chuck Nylon in the washing machine. It's the same careful approach with ECO non-woven. Think of this as a piece of art, because it is. You wouldn't scrub a painting! It's a piece of art that just happens to come in the convenience of a roll. 


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