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What makes Beautiful by George wallcoverings kinder to you and the environment?

Ask yourself this; when you buy a sweater, do you seek out Nylon or would you prefer Cashmere or Wool next to your skin? You know quality and natural fibres when you feel it.

You also know that Cashmere requires alternative care - you wouldn't chuck it in the washing machine like an acrylic mix.

This is how to understand my mural wallcovering paper. 

The paper itself is a very high quality 130gsm, 'eco non-woven' paper. It feels like an expensive handmade, watercolour paper to the touch. Like looking after wool or cashmere, this paper requires slightly different handling compared to a synthetic material. This is a 'paste the wall' paper.


This sustainable paper contains 99% renewable raw materials (renewable cellulose (wood pulp) fibres; renewable binder, renewable PLA (plant derived thermoplastics). 


This paper that I am so very proud to use is made from wheat-based fibres and PLA fibres. Polylactic acid (PLA) is an environmentally friendly, plant-derived thermoplastic. The fibre forming substance is a lactic acid polymer in which at least 85% by weight are lactic acid ester units derived from naturally occurring sugars (sugar beets and corn). *


The eco non-woven paper is printed at Surface Print who ensure all inks are classed as water-based, which means they are non-toxic and very low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). All paper and non-woven substrates are sourced from FSC® certified forests.


Surface Print are dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests and they are also FSC certified. FSC certification number is SGSCH-COC-020053.


This paper can even be recycled in your normal cardboard and paper recycling collections.


Do not apply any water to the back of the paper as you would with some traditional papers, (most  incorporate some form of PET plastic and which therefore means you can paste/wet the back of them). It is a paste the wall product.




It contains no plastic so you need to think of it as a fine silk or grass wallcovering which you would not wipe either. It is therefore not practical for kitchens or bathrooms.

Think of this wallcovering as a piece of art, because it is. You wouldn't scrub a painting! It's a piece of art that just happens to come in the convenience of a roll. 

The planet needs our help and I feel we need to help ourselves too by keeping harsh chemicals at bay and only using paper that is ethically sourced. 

* Source: PLA Fibers (

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