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Taking the eco option is not always the cheapest, easiest, most convenient option.

Conscience over convenience... 

By making conscious decisions and approaching life slightly differently you can have it all and help the earth at the same time. But it takes time, thought, research, knowing your options, being flexible, being open to new approaches etc. 

Think how far we have come and how much further we could go.

20 years ago bags for life were just an idea – now we all do it.
20 years ago very few people recycled their rubbish – now look how many of us do it.
Look how many people are considering buying electric vehicles now and in the future.
Most of us have power saving lightbulbs at home.
Some of us have solar panels.
Some of us have smart meters.
Some of us only use bicycles.
Some of us collect rainwater for the garden.


We buy wooden or bamboo toothbrushes, knowing that they are not engineered like a plastic one. They not only do the job but are sustainable and we feel good about that.

The point is we are all making conscious decisions for the future. We are all going #onestepgreener – sometimes even without consciously realising it. 

My mural wallcovering, Spring Tonic, is printed on eco non-woven paper. A pioneering, sustainable paper made from mostly renewable raw materials. It’s made from PLA fibres (Polylactic Acid - a thermoplastic made from plants such as wheat, sugar beets and corn). It uses approximately 30% less Greenhouse Gases to manufacture it than PET fibres. It is printed with non-toxic, water-based low VOC inks – not solvent based ones.

But, you cannot scrub it and you cannot wipe it vigorously. It is a fine product. A beautiful product. A kind product. It is kinder for the planet. 

It needs special treatment because it is an ECO product that looks after you and is kind to your home.


And we all really need that right now.

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