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Prints & Bespoke hand-painted murals


Blackbird on ivy

Giclee Prints 

George sells premium quality Giclee Prints, locally printed, of her artwork. Originally hand-painted in eco acrylics and Gouache, the prints are very hard to distinguish from the original! Subject matter is always flora and fauna from her garden.

Robin on frozen Teasel

Commissioning a bespoke mural or painting

Unique designs that can enhance and personalise any interior design scheme

Most of George's artwork is painted on premises. She uses 'eco acrylic' paints as they manipulate well, are odourless, dry fast and are wipeable afterwards. Murals can range from a straightforward Chinoiserie design to the more detailed Trompe-L’oeil (‘trick of the eye’) artwork which can create a three-dimensional illusion.

A client may have an idea of what they want to achieve, for example the Trompe-L’oeil window and faux frame, were painted to create a window in an empty space. The client wanted a year round sunny view and loved rambling in the nearby countryside. It involved several meetings, research, preparatory artwork and approximately 5 days of painting.

George also undertakes bespoke commissions that are for a particular purpose, like the 4 panel screen that a client wanted fully constructed and painted as a backdrop to her zoom calls. She had an idea she wanted ‘tropical crows and jungle-like foliage’. George produced artwork incorporating Lesser Birds of Paradise. This was a more complicated project as it required building, prepping the panels and finally painting the design, this took about 8 days in total. The other mural examples you see above took between 3-6 days to complete. 


Pair of Jays
Kingfishers in reeds

So how do we work together?

By taking the time to understand your vision.

Sometimes a client will have a very clear idea of what they want, have lots of photographic, magazine or online references or alternatively they may be looking for inspiration or advice from me.  I spend a lot of time (in person) with clients understanding what their motivations are for the mural and how they want to feel around the mural (i.e. refreshed, inspired, escapism…) Its not just about the visual content. A mural is an investment and permanent – so it needs to fulfil many criteria. I always provide some form of preparatory artwork to illustrate scale, colours, subject and overall impression.


When the client wants something very similar to a design I have done previously,  then just a very basic illustration will suffice. However, when more work may be required to visualise the end outcome - mini paintings are created and these will involve more consultation as we both explore together to get the desired result (as shown  with the window Trompe L'oeil). We will agree all the necessary tweaks to be made and only once the artwork is signed off, do I start painting the final mural.


I find this quality time spent with clients has ensured a pleasing end result for everyone and it's worth taking time over.

I would love to help you create your unique artistic project - please call me discuss your ideas.

Chinoiserie Mural in Red
Georgette Sunderland
Preliminary artwork Trompe L-Oeil.jpg

Preliminary Artwork

Trompe L-Oeil window.jpg

Completed Trompe L'oeil

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