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Hanging your Mural Wallcovering



This is a general guide, if you require more detailed information on lining, 'sizing' and installation, please read the previous page. Beautiful by George always recommends using a professional to install wallcoverings. 



1. Ensure wall is smooth and clean

 2. If not, add wall filler and smooth with sandpaper or preferably horizontal line with          lining paper. 


3. Beautiful by George murals are 3.35m in height. If your wall is under 3m, decide to trim the top, bottom, or a bit off both for the look you want. 


4. Make sure that the wall is 'sized first' with a paste dilution and dried, before applying the neat paste. 


5. Measure a plumb line a little less than the roll width (not all corners of walls are vertically straight, don't assume they are). Lasers spirit levels are very handy.


6. Apply paste (light to medium paste) directly to the wall with the roller, pasting a little way over the plumb line. Paste into the corners and edges with a brush


7. Line up the right side of panel A (or the panel of your choice - you may want more height in the middle) with the plumb line and hang


8. Smooth out towards the edges gently with decorators smoothing tool


9. Trim the bottom, top and side with a sharp knife or an Easy Trimmer. (see previous page)


10. Paste the next wall section to just over a roll width


11. Match up the pattern on panel B with panel A (or the next corresponding panel) and slide it into place


12. If you get any paste on the front of the mural, sponge gently off with a clean, damp microfibre cloth (damp - not wet). Any wet marks will dry - but never rub, just dab.


13. Repeat for remaining panel drops


All Beautiful by George murals repeat horizontally, so you can continue with more murals until you’ve covered the entire wall space



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